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Millennial Woman Advice Corner

#Millennialwomen…heck all of us need advice when we begin intentionally building the personal and professional life of her dreams!  The SKIT Advice Corner is designed to do just that, drop gems learned along the way.

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  • Personal: In a complicated relationship?
  • Personal: Can’t save money and pay bills on time?
  • Personal: Want them to move out and get it together?
  • Something else?

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Education Matters…it’s the Key to Growing and Breaking the Chain

On a crisp winter afternoon, 23 year old millennial woman, Sarah Mack chose to spend her lunch hour with me at my home office.  Sarah works for the Lesniak Institute of American Leadership where they develop the next generation of advocacy leaders. The Institute was named for Senator Raymond J. Lesniak who authored and sponsored hundreds of laws to advance human rights and the quality of life for millions during his 40 years in the New Jersey State Legislature.  It is clear to see why Sarah, an action driven, results oriented persona ready to inspire and change the world is the Director of the Institute.

I am excited to share Sarah’s millennial journey with you.  We both hope you will be inspired and motivated to live the life of your personal and professional dreams.

As we began our discussion, Sarah got comfortable on the sofa and affectionately played with our family dog, Moca.  Sarah has a positive and optimistic energy that emanates from her being before she utters a single word.  This explains why Moca comfortably laid on the floor under Sarah for our entire discussion. 

At Sisters Keeping In Touch, inspires (SKIT), we teach millennial women (and those who support her) that one of the keys to living the life of her dreams is to envision it often and develop an action plan to make it happen.  Sarah shared the life she aspires to have in the Personal and Professional Life of her Dreams. 

Growing up, my home life wasn’t ideal.  I learned from the family of some of my closest friends what a different home life looks and feels like.  My future spouse and I will have children and/or we may even choose to adopt.  Our children will be given time to grow-up without taking on unnecessary responsibilities. Our family will have a strong bond, we will support each other, and we will always have open lines of communication.

Together as a family, our professional and personal lives will have synergy and balance.  Our family will have a life that is enjoyable, challenging and morally righteous in our collective effort to change lives for the better. Lastly, our family will travel the world for fun and to learn how to bring positive change without unnecessary stresses.   

Sarah Mack, My Personal and Professional Dream Life

Now that you have a window into Sarah’s personal and professional dream life, join me in getting to know the Sarah of today

In May 2018, Sarah earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology from Kean University in Union, NJ. After graduation and long before that, Sarah decided not to return home after she finished college.  Sarah said, for a number of reasons, home wasn’t the emotionally supportive environment I needed. So, I decided to continue living in the off-campus house my friends and I rented near Kean. 

According to Sarah, there were challenges and advantages as she transitioned from the life of a student to the life of an independent millennial adult.  On the challenging end, Sarah quickly learned that “adults” sometimes behave like children.  Sarah said, I trusted too quickly, I was wrong to think everyone had the same pure heart like me.  At the same time, during her transition, Sarah gained confidence because at times she found that she was more capable of doing the work than the “adults” around her.      

Well before graduating college, Sarah came to the realization that school was the solution for the hard parts of her life.  Initially I hated school, literally my favorite part of school was lunch, Sarah shared.  Then something clicked that education was my way out. I realized, when I was in school, I had friends and teachers that cared about me. 

It got even better when I graduated high school and went to college. Going to Kean was one of the best things that ever happened to me because I was that “big fish” in a small pond.  Kean gave me so many amazing experiences along the way:   

I organized an event which brought together representatives from 15 colleges and universities in NJ to discuss the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals. 

  • I was published in a peer reviewed science journal and in the chapter of a textbook during my Sophomore and Junior years.
  • I spent 3 months in China on a fully funded research grant.

Sarah further credits her college experience for helping her to build a network.  Now that Sarah is no longer a student, she would advise college students to learn about money, how engage in conversation, how to play golf and select good wineThrough my current job, I meet many people in “high places”, we go to fancy restaurants and talk about sports, wine, and politics. I find important partnerships and decisions are made outside of the office oftentimes. 

At SKIT, we believe it is valuable for millennial women to find mentors (formal/informal) to guide and support her in life.  We define mentors as anyone (male, female, rich, poor, near or far) who wants to positively impact the life of a millennial woman and see her win. Sarah has had personal and professional mentors in her life.

My Humanities teacher Hunterdon Central High School in Flemington, NJ.  He was very challenging but had a great heart for students and is now working with us on a piece of government legislation for students’ press rights. 

  • Most of my college advisers were mentors, they helped me choose my major, gave me great life advice and helped me realize that I am an idealistic person who needs autonomy.
  • Last but not least, I have my current boss as a mentor…he is just brilliant!

It’s clear to see what helped Sarah transition positively from a student to an independent millennial woman.  Sarah’s advice to other millennial women is simple,

Nobody is going to hold your hand and guide you to your goals.  Stay focused, change your perspective when challenges come up and you will see that the good often outweighs the bad.  Don’t be too proud to ask for help.    

According to Psychology Today, adults with close, long-term friends fared better than those who were less social. Close friendships enhanced moods and functioning as well as emotional and physical health.  At SKIT, we also believe in the value of good healthy friendships. Sarah happily shared the role friendships have played in her life. 

I have maintained a relationship with 2 friends from elementary school.  We talk often and even though one of them now lives in Virginia, we see each other at least every 6 months.  We just support each other, and one even introduced me to church.  I also made good friends in college. I now live with two of them and what I appreciate about them separately is their free spirit and say it like it is attitudes. 

As it pertains to romantic relationships, we again turned to Psychology Today as our foundation about why relationships even matter.  We learned there are many kinds of love, but many people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner (or partners) and while the need for human connection appears to be innate…the ability to form healthy, loving relationships is learnedAt SKIT, we teach millennial women about the importance of choosing a partner who will help her build the personal and professional life of her dreams. 

So, I talked to Sarah about her experience dating at this stage in her life.   I’m looking but not looking, Sarah said, I want someone I can trust, someone who will be there for me, someone going places so we can have productive lives.  My last relationship lasted 4 years, it wasn’t good (she lied and cheated). My parents divorced when I was young, so that scares me.  I am committed to growing and breaking the chain.

As we began to end our discussion, Sarah shared some final thoughts every millennial woman should be thinking about regarding money, hope and fear. 

At the end of the day, I’m still young and figuring it out.What I know about finance so far comes from watching YouTube.

I hate thinking about money because I was pretty much financially on my own since I was 17 years old.  Now that I am working full-time, I have a constant stream of income and my bank account is pretty healthy.  I am always looking at my bank account, checking prices and saving because I don’t want to be homeless.   

Right now, my goal is to invest in a house in 2021.  So, I am working on a money market account for my house, housing repairs.  I am also working on a vacation fund and checking account.

My biggest fears are money, love and failing. 

My greatest hope is that the world will be healthy and thriving by the time I have grandchildren.  I want the world population to be educated to open minds and close the huge education gap that exists.

It is my hope that you have been inspired by this window into millennial woman, Sarah Mack’s life.  I am confident that she will live the personal and professional life of her dreams. Sarah is well on her way and she is open to all the possibilities of life.  Together, we hope her story thus far will encourage you to define you as you live your life!!!

CALL TO ACTION: Contact and Encourage Sarah Mack on Instagram @itssarahmack

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Happy New Year and Thank You!!!

As 2019 comes to a close and the new decade is only a heartbeat away, I am grateful.

Grateful for you and your support as I have stepped into my purpose. That purpose is to build an army of millennial women (and her supporters committed) to living the life of her personal and professional dreams.

This year the message to me was clear about my purpose to empower millennial women and those who want to see her win. In 2020, the following two quotes will be the foundation for what I deliver to the world through my public speaking presentations and personal development workshops.

You’ve got mail…

You’re just the mailman. Some days people will like what you deliver, other days they won’t. You have to deliver the mail anyway. So I’m setting you free from the fear of rejection and the need for their acceptance.

Daily Devotional , September 1, 2019
Inky Johnson, Motivational Speaker

Truth without love is abuse. Love without truth is hypocrisy.

Inky Johnson, Secret to Success Podcast

I’m ready for next, are you? Happy New Year!

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The Hard Part is Over…Adulting is Fun!

I define me, I’m more than pretty–This was the confident descriptive statement made by millennial woman, Mimi Kagabo during our Friday evening discussion in her Newark, NJ apartment.  As she continued, I sat on the edge of the sofa capturing every thought that quickly poured from her mouth.  Mimi described herself as a person (not a race or gender) with a diverse personality. 

I practice affirmation to define me, I tell myself… “I’m happy”, “I’m healthy” or “I am who I say I am”.

Mimi had so many thoughts and insights to share, I was excited to bring her story to you.  As each thought unfolds, I hope you will be inspired and motivated to build the personal and professional life of your dreams.  When I asked Mimi what she hoped readers would get from her story, she said, I hope I can relate to other millennial women so they can be inspired and uplifted.  

At Sisters Keeping In Touch, inspires (SKIT), we teach millennial women (and those who support her) that one of the keys to living the life of your dreams is to envision it often and develop an action plan to make it happen.  So, before I formally introduce you the Mimi of today, she shared the life she aspires to have in the Personal and Professional Life of her Dreams. 

During my 4-year corporate career, I quickly excelled and became a CEO while amassing wealth and success.  As a result, I have been able to invest in the successful development of my own entrepreneurial ventures.  This professional success has allowed me a life of leisure which includes frequent travels with my husband and 4 children. 

Mimi Kagabo, Millennial Woman

Now that you have a window into Mimi’s personal and professional dream life, join me in getting to know the Mimi of today. 

In May 2019, Mimi earned her undergraduate degree in Business, French and Pan-African Studies from Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Immediately after graduation, Mimi moved out of her student apartment and returned home to live with her father and two brothers.  Mimi said, there was no other choice but to come home because I don’t have the financial freedom to live on my own.  At home I have a guarantee, I don’t want to be homeless.  For now, it’s ok keep expenses low but eventually I would want to live on my own for more freedom.

According to Mimi, there are challenges and advantages as she transitions from the life of a student to the life of an independent millennial adult.  On the challenging end, Mimi quickly learned from her mentors that climbing the corporate ladder and earning corporate wealth isn’t easy for women.  In addition, Mimi said, millennials like me don’t want a 9am-5pm job, we want to work for start-ups, we want to spend our time getting experiences.  Regardless of the apparent challenges, Mimi isn’t hopeless.

School was the hard part, adulting is the easy part because now I actually have time to figure out what I want to do.

Mimi Kakabo, Millennial Woman

According to, students who gain a college education often have higher lifetime earnings and experience a variety of other benefits, including a better quality of life. As an insightful and evolved millennial woman, Mimi shared how college and others impacted her at this phase of life.     

I don’t want to tell other millennials to skip school since it’s still required for plenty of professional roles today.  However, I would provoke millennials to think…think of other ways to earn a good living before making the final decision to get a college degree. 

Mimi learned a lot things in school, but, she believes her education didn’t prepare her for the variety of professional opportunities available today.  The need for specialty education is old because it trains us for the traditional 9-5 job, Mimi shared. Millennials are coming up with start-up companies, we are social media influencers/celebrities, earning good money and doing what we want.   So, while I value my French and Business degree, it was overpriced for the world today. 

What clearly wasn’t overpriced in her opinion was the study abroad component of her college education. 

Study abroad, caused me to grow at a faster rate and become an adult, Mimi proclaimed.  I had to buy my own food, learn to communicate in a different language, take care of my medical needs and travel. This experience raised the bar for my life goals and opened my eyes to see there is more to the world than I imagined.

It is incredibly important for millennial women to find mentors to guide and support the journey of her life.  At SKIT, we define mentors as anyone (male, female, rich, poor etc.) who wants to positively impact the life of a millennial woman and see her win.

Mimi has had personal and professional mentors at various points in her life.  However, even though he lives in Switzerland, her consistent mentor has been her grandfather-in-law.  Mimi appreciatively shared, he wants me to be successful, he’s involved in my life and always checks on me.   

Mimi’s advice to other millennial women, don’t be afraid to try new things.  For limited time, after graduating college, Mimi worked for a US government.  While I appreciated the opportunity, I didn’t feel that I could authentically (style of dress, talk etc.) be me.  I never would have learned that this type of work wasn’t for me if I didn’t say yes and try it out.    

As Mimi continues to transition, she wanted to let other millennial women know they will maintain some friendships and let go of others.  I primarily grew up in the Philippines and went to high school in New Jersey,Mimi shared.  So, I have maintained friendships with my high school friends who think like me and want the same things out of life. The ones I have let go…we just outgrew each other and that’s ok. 

Now romantically, Mimi met someone during her study abroad journey, however, she said, I’m definitely single.   Mimi advises millennial women to date for better relationship opportunities.  Initially, Mimi tried to be “polite” with her definition of “better relationship opportunities”, however, I pushed Mimi to be honest, clear and specific.

At SKIT, we teach millennial women (and those who want to see her win) to be bold and unapologetic about her expectations to successfully build the personal and professional life of her dreams. 

I want someone to match my own financial success. I am looking for someone (American or not) who isn’t just stable (job, income, savings etc.) but who is financially well off and has the ability to take care of us both, if needed. I imagine this person will be his own boss or he has a high-ranking corporate position that will allow us to travel the world.

Characteristically, he will have an energy level compatible to me and will be as supportive of my dreams as I will be of his.      

As we began to end our discussion, Mimi shared some final thoughts every millennial woman should be thinking about regarding money, hope and fear. 

Money isn’t a barrier for Mimi to decide if she can or can’t do something.  She believes in researching options before saying something is expensive. 

Mimi treats money like a relationship, she tries to be good to it, she checks on it and tracks her spending. Mimi trust that her money will be fine even if it’s not where she wants it to be at this time.

Mimi’s greatest fear is to disappoint, not love and respect herself. Mimi believes this can come from not living life doing the things that align with her higher self and becoming a “slave” to society. 

Mimi’s greatest hope is to define her own success gained without hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.  Mimi hopes her success will flow naturally and with ease. 

As we conclude, it is my hope that you have been inspired by this window into millennial woman, Mimi Kagabo’s life.  I am confident that she will live the personal and professional life of her dreams. Mimi has just begun, and she is open to all the possibilities of life.  Together, we hope her story thus far will encourage you to define you as you live your life!!!

Contact and Encourage Mimi Kagabo on Instagram @mimi.roseee

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Doing it Her Way

Life is full of color…enjoy the rainbow!

In a matter of just 2 months, this 22 year old millennial woman…

  • Graduated from Towson University
  • Landed her first post-graduation job
  • Moved out of her student apartment in Maryland
  • Packed up her belongings at home in New Jersey
  • Said goodbye to her huge family in New York and
  • Relocated to Houston, TX  

Whew…after reading all of that, are you tired?  While I was tired thinking of all the moves of this millennial woman, I was also intrigued. 

As you read this snapshot of her life, I hope you will be inspired and motivated to build the personal and professional life of your dreams.  In addition, the millennial woman you are about to meet hopes that her journey will motivate you to be fearless!!! 

Now, let me introduce you to Taylor Harewood, an independent, driven, millennial woman. 

Taylor and I spent a Saturday morning video chatting about her journey.  While I sat in my New Jersey home office listening, she shared as she laid wrapped in a blanket on her sofa in Texas.  As we spoke, I noticed a column just behind her head with the quote, see the good in all things.  When we finished our discussion, it was clear that the quote was more than just words because this is how Taylor chooses to live her life.   

Taylor relocated to Houston, TX to begin her career as a young black businesswoman in the $31B male dominated Power Tool Industry.  While understanding the challenges black and brown people in America face (especially women), Taylor vowed to not allow those challenges to get in the way of her personal and professional goals.

At Sisters Keeping In Touch, inspires (SKIT), we teach millennial women (and those who support her) that one of the keys to living the life of her dreams is to envision it often and develop an action plan to make it happen.  During our conversation, Taylor shared the Personal and Professional Life of her Dreams. 

Taylor is married with 4 children who attend a good public school in their beautiful and diverse community.  After beginning her business career right after college, Taylor quickly learned that she enjoyed managing her own time and a non-traditional work style.   As a result, Taylor is a published writer, she owns a real estate business and several other successful businesses that fulfill her passion. 

The road towards the personal and professional life of our dreams is paved with countless opportunities to learn and grow. Along the way, we all must be alert about the people, places and things that lead and/or distract our journey to the life of our dreams.  In this current chapter, Taylor is tuned in and gaining great insight along the way.    

The road to the life of our personal and professional dreams will take a number of routes.  During our discussion, Taylor shared the roads she has taken thus far. 

Route 1: Transition Junction

In May 2019, Taylor graduated from Towson University in Maryland.

  Shortly thereafter, in July to be exact, Taylor relocated from her New Jersey home to Texas to begin her first post-graduation job.  As a result, the transition from being a college student to becoming a working millennial woman was extremely short.  Taylor didn’t feel as prepared for the move as she would have liked and in the beginning, life felt stressful for several reasons: 

  • She didn’t have her stuff to get settled: The cross-country movers took longer than expected (exactly two months to be specific).
  • She had to figure out her bedtime: Taylor works 7:30am-3:00pm (Monday – Friday). Taylor shared, as a college student, I was in charge of my own schedule, so I scheduled my classes late because I’m not a morning person.  When I started working, I struggled because I had to get up early, stay up during the workday and when I came home, I was so tired I didn’t have any energy to eat. 
  • She had to figure out how to pay bills and save at the same time: Taylor paid some bills when she was in school but doing it as a working millennial woman living on her own was different. 

Taylor had to figure out how to divide her paycheck to pay all her bills, save and have a good time.

Parents think they prepare you by talking about the bills but that isn’t enoughTaylor’s advice to parents, literally sit down with your kids and do the bills together.  Make sure they can see how you balance your bank account and know what account is used for certain bills.  Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming.  Be sure to also sit with your kids and show them how to create emergency savings and manage other expenses.

She had to figure out her work benefits package: When Taylor got her work benefits package, she felt lost.  While she understood why she needed benefits, she didn’t know how to sign up and what to choose for her package. 

I literally had to call my mother on her birthday for help.  My mom was at dinner and stepped away and explained it all to me.  Taylor’s advice to parents, make sure your kids understand health benefits, taxes, and 401Ks. 

As we continued our discussion miles apart, Taylor reflected on how her college career prepared her for the professional world.  Taylor credits her college experience for her ability to network, use soft skills (e.g. teamwork, adaptability, problem solving etc.) and navigate Microsoft Excel.  In contrast, Taylor found that her college training didn’t provide her with “hands on” business operation skills and the strategies needed to function in the corporate world.    

Taylor’s advice to current college students, a college degree provides access to most jobs today, so get that degree. Along the way she says, don’t stick with the “traditional” job and don’t live your life for other people. If there is something you want to do, just do it as long as you do your best.  It’s ok if something falls through just don’t give up. Also, just know you don’t have to know it all for your first job, they will train you. 

Besides the hours, Taylor believes the job she moved to Houston for was a good option for her as she transitioned from college to the “work world”.  The job is nontraditional and provides her with the opportunity to work from home when she isn’t scheduled to be at a work site.  In addition, it provides her with “ground up” training which will equip her to be a well-rounded businesswoman as she climbs the corporate ladder.

Route 2: Inner Voice Junction

The road for Taylor’s Texas relocation began when she was in high school and she chose to pay attention and listen.  There was something instinctive in Texas for Taylor and she knew it.  Taylor paid attention to the indications about Texas that came her way in songs/melodies, as she read social media posts, in conversations and much, much more.

So, when the opportunity for the job in Texas came her way as one of the three possible locations, she didn’t hesitate.  At SKIT, we believe a strong connection to your inner voice will provide you with the clarity you need to follow your customized roadmap towards the personal and professional life of your dreams. 

As an only child, Taylor was always independent, so the boldness in making this relocation decision wasn’t hard at all.  Taylor enjoys the fact that Texas is a completely different world, its style of living, the way you meet people, everything is new.  This “different” also was an enticing relocation factor because it allows Taylor to spread her wings and freely figure out who she is in this world. 

Route 3: Relationship Junction

Prior to moving, Taylor often read Twitter posts that seemed to indicate a good pool of eligible men in Texas. 

So far, Taylor has found that Houston guys her age (approx. 21-23 year) are immature and aren’t bold enough to approach her, they just stare. The guys a little older (approx. 25-35) are more mature, but they are ready for marriage and children and she isn’t.  Then…there are the more seasoned Houston men (65 years and older) that have been bold enough to approach her, tell her she is sexy, and ask her for a date. 

With that said, Taylor just doesn’t care to waste her time.  As an open and honest communicator, Taylor is clear that she needs a guy who is confident and will not view her communication style as hostile.   Taylor’s love language is quality time and acts of service when she meets a guy that meet her standards, she will be happy to get to know him.    

In the meantime, Taylor is spending time doing what she wants, when she wants and enjoying her own company

Taylor’s believes if you always wait on someone else to do something, you will never live, and she chooses to live. To date, Taylor has gone to the spa, a football game and even a concert on her own and had an amazing time! 

When Taylor isn’t enjoying her own company, she is hosting friends and family that have come to visit her in Texas.  While the distance can be a challenge with maintaining relationships, Taylor uses technology (e.g. Facetime, Twitter and IG etc.) to personalize her connections and she is ok with letting go of relationships she has outgrown. 

It’s clear, this millennial woman is also putting in the work to stay connected with her friends (especially her Sorors from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated) and her family in Maryland, New Jersey and New York. 

Route 4: Wrap it Up Junction

As we began to end our discussion, Taylor shared some final thoughts every millennial woman should be thinking about. 

Taylor believes money is needed for everything even though it isn’t the most important thing in the world.

Mentor: Taylor doesn’t have a mentor in her life but when needed, she does have 2-3 people who she trusts to help process her thoughts.  At SKIT, we call these people your Accountability Partners.  Taylor chose these individuals as her Accountability Partners because they are trustworthy, honest (even if she is wrong) and non-judgmental.  Taylor said, most importantly, in my observation, they also live their own lives in the same honest, trustworthy and non-judgmental way.    

Taylor’s greatest fear is to leave this world not having the 4 children and husband she envisioned in the personal life in her dreams.

Taylor’s greatest hope is to pay her parents back and retire her mother for what they have done for her. Taylor simply wants to be in the position to care for her parents the way they both cared for her. 

It is my hope that you have been inspired by this window into millennial woman, Taylor Harewood’s life.  I am confident that she will live the personal and professional life of her dreams. Taylor has just begun and has lived more than some twice her age.  Together, we hope her story thus far will encourage you to live your life fearlessly!!!

Contact and Encourage Taylor Harewood on Instagram @imperfectlybeautiful_1

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Be the Boss of your Life 2020!!!

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Millennial Woman…Do you know the Art of Money?

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Join Savvy Ladies for an interview with Bari Tessler Linden, Author of The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. They’ll speak with this Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, and Mama-preneur on women’s relationship with money.

The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness is the emotional and practical financial education you deserve … but probably never got. It gently guides you through an elegant, integrative 3-phase methodology: Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps. This holistic approach welcomes your whole self into your money relationship, so you can:

  • Let go of your “money shame” with a simple (yet profound) mindfulness practice.
  • Take small-yet-mighty steps forward, in your emotional healing and To Do list.
  • Use ritual, forgiveness, and contemplation to cultivate a sense of wholeness and peace.
  • Personalize your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly money tasks so they feel like rich, creative self-care practices.
  • Learn how “money dates” with your honey (or family or biz partner) can actually bring you closer together (oh, yes!).
  • Put money in its rightful place: supporting your cherished values and Big Life Dreams.  

My Millennial Woman takes the Road Less Traveled!!!

You and I (women ages 35+) tell millennial women (ages 18-34), “to succeed in life, you must have a “good head” on your shoulders”.  What in the world does that mean? 

When you dropped your pearls of wisdom, did you break it down to her?  Did you give her examples of what that actually looked, felt and smelled like?  Did she walk away with a clear road map on what to do and how to get there?    

The likely answer is a resounding NO!  What I have found is that we assumed she got it.  I have also found that she doesn’t want to sound dumb, so she never asks, “What do you mean?” So, we both walk away with a missed opportunity! 

So, I tried to do something different with my millennial woman.  I didn’t just talk to her, I talked with her.  I listened to the words that came out of her mouth and the non-verbal words that came through her spirit.  I listened as she talked about her friends, her family and those she admired from afar. 

In this process, I stopped listening to my hopes, my dreams and my aspirations for her life.  Guess what? I then heard her hopes, her dreams and her aspirations for her life.  When I stopped listening to me and started listening to her, we began the process of building the personal and professional life of her dreams. 

This process began the summer of 2018 when my millennial woman completed her junior year of college.  At this point, she did everything the rule book to be a successful woman with a good head on your shoulders said.    

  • She focused on her education, had exceptional grades and
  • She secured a competitive, paid corporate internship in NYC

It was all going well, we (her family) were proud and I was even more excited because she was going to be off our payroll in about a year.   However, a combination of things happened that summer that forced us to stop, think and change directions.  One was divine intervention that I will share at another time.  The other things were realized through my observations and our conversations. 

As my millennial woman began her internship, each morning I dropped her off at NJ Transit to begin her commute into the city.  We would then coordinate train schedules in the evening for our 10 minute drive back home. The first few days, as I sat in the car and watched her get on the train, my heart was full, she looked confident, independent and very fashion forward in her style of dress.  When she arrived home each evening, I was beyond excited to hear about her day. 

However, as the weeks progressed, it was my observation that she began to blend in with all other commuters racing up the stairs before the train doors closed each morning.  In the evening, she began to wear the same drained look that many of the other commuters wore after a long day in the office.  During this process, my spirit was heavy because I wanted to save her, but I knew I couldn’t do it for her.  So, I began truly talking about her day.  I asked, I probed, I listened and processed all that she said and didn’t say. 

In our conversations, I didn’t hear excitement and enthusiasm about the day and the possibilities for the next day.  What I heard loud and clear was her professional dreams fading fast.  Why?  Because it was a good internship, it paid really well, and everyone smiled proudly when she told them about it.  As the summer came to a close, we began to build her dream life and she assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of her life and I assumed the role as her Contracted Advisor. 

As the CEO for her life, it was her responsibility to build her life based on her dreams, her voice and her aspirations.  As the Contracted Advisor, it was my job to advise when asked, help her quiet the inner and outer voices of doubt and be honest when I saw fear taking center stage.  I strongly encourage every woman (age 35+) with a millennial woman (ages 18-34) in her life to do the same. 

In May of 2019, my millennial woman, Tyanne Jeannie Bryce earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  During her 4 years of growth and development at Jefferson she was entrenched in the business of fashion.   

In this chapter of her life, Tyanne is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of her own social media management and consulting business, Practically Poised™. 

As a blogger and content creator, Tyanne focuses her Instagram (IG) platform on the power of building a positive mindset to live the lifestyle of your dreams. In addition, Practically Poised™ provides the following IG services to increase key performance indicators (KPI) for brands such as followers, engagement and sales. 

  • Instagram Management to create an online community
  • Instagram Visual Strategy to increase brand awareness and
  • Instagram Event Take Over to keep online presence current and inclusive during live events 
Tyanne Jeannie Bryce, Founder and CEO

To learn more about and/or to promote her work visit, like and share her IG profile @practically.poised.  Check out one of her YouTube introduction videos Styling with Practically Poised or  simply visit her website at

If you are ready to contract with her for services, serve as an angel investor or simply want send her a few words of encouragement  email her at

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What’s in your bank account?

Let’s be real, to help the #millennialwoman build the personal and professional life of her dreams, she will need #money!

Money provides her access to opportunities and the freedom to move on those opportunities, if she chooses.  However, when I ask millennial women, “What did your mother/mother figure tell you about money?”  Here are the common responses:

  • “Let me think…I don’t know if we really talked about that.”
  • “I was told to save.”
  • “I was told to always have my own “stash” when I get married.”

Seriously, that’s it, which to me is a resounding, “NO ONE TAUGHT ME ABOUT MONEY!”  That is simply unacceptable, our failure to have a series of clear and specific discussions with the millennial woman about money will delay if not derail her dream life.

Below are contrasting discussions that can be had.  I am committed to having a #wealth building #moneyconversation with the millennial women in my life, are you? 

Baseless Money Conversation Wealth Building Money Conversation
You should save. You should automatically save 20% of your paycheck every time you get paid.
Don’t waste all your money hanging out. Let’s put a plan in place for your paycheck: Use 20% of your paycheck to hangout;save 10% for emergencies;invest 20% in stock and bonds;pay bills with 40%, and give 10% to charity.
Wow, your rent is expensive! What can you do to make your rent more affordable, maybe look into a first-time home buyer program and buy a two-family house so you can rent one part out and live in the other?
Girl, congratulations, you’re finally making good money, let’s get drinks. Girl, now that you’re earning all that money, have you set it up to max out your 401K and/or your Roth IRA?

But wait a minute, maybe you are having the Baseless Money Conversation with the millennial woman in your life because you just don’t know.   If that’s the case, just be honest and let them know, you don’t have a clue and then do something about it.  It may be a good #relationshipbuilding time for you and the millennial women in your life to both learn about money.  There are so many resources available, here are a few I have used in the past, #SuzeOrman The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke, #GeorgeSClason  The Richest Man in Babylon, #DavidBasch The Automatic Millionaire or #NapoleonHill Think and Grow Rich

Let us know how it goes.  Together, we can help her build the personal and professional life of her dreams, but money will be needed!


Yep…what you’re feeling is what you’re feeling!

You know in your heart when you’re not happy and when you’re feeling undervalued. As soon as you realize that you are settling or conceding your worth, you have to make a move. Check-in with yourself and say, “Wait a minute. Is this what I want? Is this who I really am?”

Those are the words of 35-year-old #millennialwoman, Naturi Naughton, most recently known for her lead actress role as Mrs. St. Patrick in the #Starz hit series Power. I applaud Naturi for being open and transparent about her own personal journey towards finding herself and her worth.  

You see, 3 months after giving birth to her first child, Naturi’s #relationship with her long-term boyfriend ended. I am sure there were layers of reasons about why the relationship did or didn’t work out but her words above are the only ones that matter. 

  • Those words are valuable lessons for other millennial women building the personal and professional life of her dreams. 
  • Those words are about being true to oneself.
  • Those words are about listening to her inner voice and learning that it will never lead her down the wrong path.

Today, there are so many distractions that rob us (especially millennial women) from getting to know, listen and trust our inner voices.  As a result, the journey of building that personal and professional dream life is delayed, if not derailed.   

I say, let us collectively keep or get millennial women back on track.  To do so, women must build true relationships with millennial women.  It is through those relationships that the millennial woman can get to know herself.  It’s important for women to share their experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly for the millennial woman to trust her and do the same.

What I know for sure is that we have all had some unbelievable experiences and yeah, they made us stronger, they made us better, but they also slowed us down.  What if we could help the millennial woman get stronger and better through less trying means?

So today, I encourage all women to build a true and intentional relationship with the millennial women in their lives.  This will help those millennial women find, listen and trust their inner voices. 

Let’s help them build a relationship in which they will check-in with themselves and say, “Wait a minute. Is this what I want? Is this who I really am?”